WEST is a consistent, coherent and reliable approach to the assessment and delivery of Essential Skills

The Wales Essential Skills Toolkit (WEST) brings together a full suite of tools to support Essential Skills, including screeners, combined initial/diagnostic assessments, targeted learning plans and learning materials in Communication (English), Communication (Welsh), Application of Number, Digital Literacy and ESOL.

WEST is bilingual, supporting a consistent, reliable and engaging approach to the assessment and learning of Essential Skills.


 Wales Essential Skills ToolkitFor managers:

An easily scalable solution for assessment and learning

Consistent and reliable learning and assessment information

Access to real-time data to monitor outcomes and performance 

For learners:

24/7 access to their learning, all in one place

Resources that focus on individual needs

Application of Number and Digital Literacy materials available bilingually

Shared ownership of targets and progress


For tutors and trainers:

Accurate identification of learners' skills

The flexibility to efficiently plan and effectively deliver high-quality learning for a range of cohorts

Reliable ad robust information on learning and progress, available in real time


For administrators:

A robust system to monitor impact, performance and quality

Real-time data with a range of drill-down options

Direct integration with your MIS system via the WEST Agent tool

Cost-effective solution, with development part-funded by Welsh Government



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