Got a question about Data Management Services? Here are some of our FAQs …

Can I access your services if I don’t use Maytas or ebs as my learner management systems (LMS)?

Yes, our team can support a number of other LMS systems including UNIT-e, PICS,  Agresso’s QL (please ask if you use another system as it is likely that we can work with it).

If I have an immediate resourcing issue or data problem, how quickly can you help? (Our DATA EMERGENCY SERVICES)

We can start immediately that we have remote access to your data. We like to call it a data emergency service!*

Do I need to have an annual management contract to use your services?

No, we operate on a “no job too small” basis so providers can access anything from half a day of remote support to an ongoing contract for data management. We put together a bespoke package for each of our customers based on their size, budget and support requirements from the wide range of services which we provide – a pick and mix of their choice . If you are not sure whether we offer a service you need, please contact us as  we probably have the expertise in our team to deliver it.

Can your services be delivered remotely or do you need to come to our site?

To minimise costs and disruption to customers we usually carry out most of our work off site by accessing your LMS systems remotely. Where appropriate we deliver services on the customer site for example training, auditing individual learner files or to provide interim cover for data management staff absence.

I already have in-house staff who work on learner data management and I don’t want to outsource this function.  Is there anything Tribal can offer me?

Yes. Our service is not about traditional outsourcing of whole departments and is tailored to individual customer needs.  Although we do provide a full MI data management solution to some smaller, specialist providers, in most cases we provide specific ongoing support to in-house teams to bridge gaps in expertise or capacity within the organisation. Typically, providers want to retain customer-facing functions  in-house whilst Tribal provide assistance with data validation, curriculum management, bulk uploads, funding queries and generally support the customer-facing departments - allowing them to concentrate on  delivering a high quality experience for learners.

Will I lose some control if I use an external company to support our learner data management?

Our service is about providing you with the visibility of the high quality information you need to manage your business, when you need it. You still have access to all of your records and data but have the added peace of mind that comes with the assurance that your reports and data claims are accurate, up to date and can be produced on demand. We produce monthly bespoke data reports and hold quarterly review meetings highlighting risks, issues and best practice for your organisation. 

How can I be sure of the quality of Tribal’s Data Management Services?

Each of our advisers and consultants has several years’ experience in education data management and undergoes regular CPD throughout the academic year to ensure that their funding knowledge is up to date. We are ISO9001 accredited and carry out regular internal audits of both our processes and our data quality. We run all of the validation tools recommended by the funding agencies as well as an additional suite of our own data checks.

Our server doesn’t currently have the capacity to hold our database, does Tribal offer a hosted environment with its services?

Yes, we offer a fully maintained hosted environment option for both ebs and Maytas customers.

Do your services include support for providers attracting Scottish or Welsh funding?

Yes we can provide support services for learners funded by Agencies in England, Scotland and Wales.

What benefits could long-term Data Management Services support have for our business?

The returns on investment are proven with one customer going from a £65k claw back risk over 3 years to £0 in 2014/15 when they contracted the service to our Tribal’s Learner Operations team. All our customers with on-going annual contracts have benefited from;

ILR revenue maximisation

A reduction in clawback risk

More accurate and timely understanding of key financial, curriculum and quality information

Business continuity assurance against unforeseen events and circumstances

Capacity building of internal staff with increased support through the funding helpdesk  

Efficiencies of staff time enabling in-house teams to focus on delivery of a high-quality learner experience.

*subject to receipt of purchase order. This may vary at peak times.

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