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Over 140 Further Education organisations are using ebs

Over 85% of our customers have now been using ebs for over nine years

20% have been using ebs for 15 years or over.


Evolving with the sector

Not just keeping up but making life much easier by integrating with funding and awarding bodies systems whilst also addressing the needs of providers to achieve more with less.

Over the last 18months ebs has undergone significant development to deliver not just outstanding MIS functionality, but incorporate extensive Business Intelligence capabilities to help Senior Leadership Teams make truly informed decisions based on live dashboards.

We've also been busy transforming how our customers are able to communicate and share information with students, Pastoral Support Staff, parents and Managers. ebs:ontrack combines ILP, markbook and pastoral support views in a single system allowing you to measure progress, easily understand what is required to help students succeed, and focus on teaching and support that improves engagement and retention.

And all this in a single system without relying on third-party applications to manage smaller parts of the overall picture. Fewer systems, less resource spent on data manipulation, fewer inaccuracies, better data, better decision making.


Addressing implications of area review

ebs has also evolved to help prepare colleges for the opportunities and threats posed by area review. ebs gives a single version of the truth across all the key data requirements around student performance, recruitment and retention, quality of provision and financial performance. College leaders are therefore able to confidently address the implications of area review.

Find out about our webinar series for college leaders planning for and responding to the implications of area review, produced in collaboration with Beej Kazcmarczyk.

Continuously improving the user experience

The latest developments of Digital Signatures removing the need for paper-based processes whilst improving audit trails, and Business Intelligence data visualisation tools giving each individual a personalised pertinent view of data, are just two examples of how ebs continues to improve the user experience and help our customers become more effective and efficient.

Involving you

Our customers represent a large proportion of the sector and ebs actively benefits from their feedback and input. Individual features and screens match our customers’ processes and needs; and at a strategic level the product roadmap matches their aspirations and direction of travel.

We also run an ‘Agile Pride’ for new developments whereby we invite customers to join and contribute to the development ‘Pride’ so the features and benefits are enhanced and made more relevant to their business processes.




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