Got a question about ebs? Here are our FAQs …

How much does ebs cost?

ebs is priced on the size of the organisation and the mix of functionality (modules) required

How quickly can ebs be implemented?

Implementation can begin within two to four weeks of order confirmation

Can I view a demo of ebs?

We are happy to organise an on-site or webinar demonstration of ebs. In addition you can view recorded webinars and module overviews via our YouTube ebs channel

Do you offer hosting?

Tribal offers Tier 3, ISO27001 hosting services as well as database and application management services

Does ebs allow for online enquiries, application and enrolments?

Tribal offers a fully integrated Learner Portal, which enables learners to enquire, apply and enrol. The portal also offers other features for self-service

What support do you offer?

Tribal offers a full service level agreement support service, accessible through phones, email and the support portal in our UK support centre. Tribal also offers a remotely delivered technical management service to provide Managed IT services

Can ebs integrate with 3rd party applications?

Tribal is an open system and data can be shared to and from third-party systems

Does ebs support secure subcontractor or partner access?

ebs enables subcontractors and partners to log in to data in a partitioned area, which is within the main database

What levels of training do you offer?

Tribal is able to offer training courses to suit the particular customer situation. We recommend train-the-trainer style courses and can also deliver training through other mediums such as webinars

Does ebs support sixth form colleges

ebs is a system used by a number of colleges, the Block Matrix module allows for A-Level grid grouping system and seating plans in exam halls

What does ebs stand for?

This is a question we get asked a lot! ebs stands for ‘education business system’ – why? Because it manages the business of education!

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