Our top ten reasons why we love ActionPlan+

Streamline the completion of your SAR using the embedded Common Inspection Framework or other evaluation frameworks

Increase access and engagement by assigning individual framework criteria to different users, leading to greater ownership

Improve accountability through assignable actions managed and monitored through the powerful planning tool

Improve prioritisation and impact with clear connectivity between QIP actions and self-assessment judgements

View the live progress of your self-assessment and improvement actions

Improve timely completion of your improvement plan through email alerts for actions due for start, review or approaching their target dates

Easily identify trends, strengths and areas for improvement through the easy to use performance data analytics tool

Online storage and instant access for all your evidence, supporting robust, evidence-based judgements by enabling users to link files, documents or statements to specific criteria

Instantly Download a Word version of your current Self-Assessment Report, or an Excel version and your Quality Improvement at the click of the mouse

Integrate all your action plans into one system to streamline your planning for maximum impact

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