Our top 10 reasons why should you be using SID

Provide a holistic view of student welfare and manage long term issues with the SID Case Management component

Reduce the number of queries support staff and administrators need to deal with and increase the response times of those they do handle

Track and monitor all customer queries to understand how the university is meeting their needs

Never duplicate responses to customer queries – all authorised staff can see all queries logged by a customer and any progress

Provide a real understanding of query volumes and type to set accurate Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Simple responsive interfaces make logging and handing queries straightforward for all users on any device, PC, laptop, tablet or phone

Automate your responses to queries - with email harvesting, SID can search your designated mailboxes for you, log an SID query, automate a response and manage the query

Manage all enquiries from dashboards and reports

Use one system to answer queries from customers and staff across the university – match enquiry categories to the college’s different departments and processes

Utilise specialist staff resources such as Advisors and Counsellors better with the Diary Management system


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