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As part of a continuous improvement cycle, benchmarking strengthens operational knowledge and strategic insight.



Tribal has a proven approach to delivering successful benchmarking projects. By involving clients throughout the data validation process we promote the ownership of the analysis. Consequently we overcome internal barriers to the results being used effectively to set performance targets and drive improvement.

Our consultants deliver detailed feedback presentations to your management teams to ensure that they understand the results. We talk to you about how the results are affected by the unique characteristics of your university. Following on from that discussion, we submit a detailed report including considered recommendations and an action plan.

Benchmark+, Tribal’s innovative web portal for viewing your benchmarking results, makes it easier than ever before to use your results in strategic and financial planning.

We have worked with over 50% of UK universities. On average, our clients identify potential savings equivalent to 3% of university income; and many of our clients have used the benchmarking results as the catalyst to save £millions.

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