For over 20 years we have helped our clients manage and improve performance with high quality analysis

Supporting the sector

The ever increasing demand to deliver high quality education and training more efficiently and effectively has been a constant challenge faced by universities and colleges for many years. Over the past 20 years Tribal has supported its clients in meeting these challenges by providing universities and colleges with the tools to identify opportunities for improvement. As policy and funding changes have increased the compliance burden on organisations, Tribal has supplied these tools through minimal impact on institutions and their staff. The success and proven value of Tribal’s performance analysis has been demonstrated through its beginnings in the UK market to development and application in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. The solution has been configured to meet the specific needs of clients in both secondary and tertiary education sectors.

Making a difference

The value of our analysis has been demonstrated by our long term contracts with funding agencies (in different international locations) to provide self-improvement tools to the institutions within their network. Funding agencies have seen their universities and colleges improve significantly in both financial and student educational performance.


Improving the experience

The recent introduction of the Benchmark+ web portal means that clients have a vast array of performance data available to them 24/7. Clients can quickly access performance results and then drill through to further levels of analysis to understand the key contributory factors to this performance. For previously benchmarked institutions it is now easy to demonstrate distance travelled alongside a sector trend analysis.

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