Our top eight reasons why you should be using Benchmarking:

You could save a lot of money. On average, we identify opportunities for saving equivalent to 3% of an institution’s income: potential savings of over £1m for most higher education institutions

An unrivalled level of detail. We use around 750 individual measures to analyse your institution, with more being continually developed

A rich comparative data set. We have worked with 50% of all UK higher education institutions. We can also provide international benchmarks

We’re highly experienced. We have been working with the UK HE sector for 15 years

We’re independent and objective. Your strategic and financial decisions will be based on the consistent and independent application of a trusted comparative model; our service does not rely on self-assessment

Delving deeper. Our analysis is available at whole university level and at individual faculty/school/department level

Understand your strengths. We discuss with you why your costs are different to the benchmarks; and our recommendations are based on a full understanding of the unique characteristics of your institution

Accessible and interactive results. Our web-portal allows users to easily interrogate the results twenty four hours a day, seven days a week

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