Struggling students? Save them before it's too late

Increased retention – Student Insight allows you to identify students who are at risk of dropping out and which groups of students or courses have a greater retention risk. Proactive retention management increases retention across the institution.

Improved grade scores – identify students at risk of failure and provide an opportunity to discuss the issues they have. Helping to improve average grade scores and outcomes.

More meaningful engagement – Insight drives opportunities for engagement of staff with students. It facilitates meaningful discussions with students because staff can identify issues earlier, understand where issues have been observed and have more opportunity to discuss potential problems with the student.


Greater understanding of student needs – helping you develop a better relationship with your students. Student Insight creates more opportunities for contact with the student and helps you develop better student-staff relationships. Students are more likely to be open and honest about their issues and needs, giving you better understanding of their requirements.

End-to-end Student Journey engagement – Student Insight uses analytics to help understand students and where they may end up. As a result, it can underpin student support processes across all stages of the Student Journey.

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