Got a question about Transformational Change? Here are some of our FAQs …

Why does Transformation matter to my university?

Technology has the biggest impact when you use it to improve processes and simplify your organisation.  Transformation focuses on working out the change you want to achieve, and then making it happen. Taking a Transformational approach means you get an even bigger return from investing in our products.

Why should I use Tribal to help with Transformation?

Two reasons.  First, we know higher education inside out.  That means we build Transformation programmes that can work.  Second, we know our products best.  That means our solutions are achievable, and reflect the good practice developed by our customers around the world.  We can give you insights into what works that no-one can give.

Does Transformational Change take a long time?

It needn’t do - and we find that investing up front to get the basics right saves time down the line – meaning your implementation can be quicker.

Does Transformational Change mean a whole-university change programme?

Transformational Change can be big or small, depending on what your challenge is – the important thing is about applying the principles and approaches of Technology to get the benefits you want out of your technology.  We have helped universities improve individual service areas as well as their whole approach to student management.

Do I need to use Tribal to manage Transformation when adopting a Tribal product?

Not at all – our Transformation framework explains what needs to happen to make the process a success.  You can do it all; we can do it all; or we can have a blend – in fact, our experience is that Transformation works best when we collaborate with our customers to make it happen.

Do you only work on Transformation when implementing a new system?

Not at all – we work with existing customers as well as new ones.  For our existing customers, we help them make sure they have kept pace with the way our technology has evolved, bringing their processes up-to date, and helping them keep current in a dynamic and changing environment.

We don’t use Tribal products – can you help us?

We are always happy to discuss how we can help – but we tend to work with customers to make the most of Tribal technology.  If you are not a Tribal customer yet – but are exploring your options – we would be keen to discuss how we can help you.

Is your advice impartial?

Although we focus on supporting customers using Tribal technology, our advice is based on what we believe is right for you.  If you can achieve your objectives with what you have already – we will tell you – and frequently do!

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