Helping you continuously improve your university.

If your university has been using SITS:Vision for a number of years now and you are not sure you are getting the best out of the system then we are here to help. We have developed a new initiative to help you continually improve using a Continuous Improvement Contract (CIC). Every CIC starts with a Business Review – a sharp, focused exercise to help you prepare a plan for making best use of SITS:Vision to support your strategic plans. Building on insights drawn from our unique knowledge of the HE sector, we are able to advise on what constitutes good practice, to help to deliver the best quality service to students and staff. We also work with you to identify and overcome the barriers that may be holding you back.

Take a look at the SITS:Vision modules

CIC Business Review


Short-term plan to provide smaller, but important, improvements and changes delivered now, to build momentum

Medium to long term plan outlining how we can aid the facilitation of strategic objectives

Identification of obstacles that are prohibiting progress and hindering achievement of objectives, including resolutions

Operating model review and alignment to allow technology to facilitate the delivery of the strategic plan

Roadmap of initiatives to achieve the delivery of ‘what good looks like’


The activity is undertaken over a month period (typically)

We take a flexible approach to suit you

The activities will be sequenced logically, building up the picture, and providing findings that feed subsequent activities

At the end of the month we will feedback our findings and recommendations, and our view on the content of a subsequent continuous improvement contract


One senior consultant will lead the process with you

Tribal will provide a range of expert consultants, to support your lead, who are both software experts and sector experienced

You will be involved throughout and we will require access to engage with both senior level staff, and operational staff, at key points in the process

We will gather a significant amount of information and evidence, that will be shared with you

We will present our findings and recommendations to senior stakeholders

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