Got a question about SITS? Here are some of our FAQs …

What does SITS stand for?

SITS stands for Strategic Information Technology Systems.

How much does it cost?

SITS:Vision is a module based system, therefore costs are based on a combination of the weighting of each component and the FTE of each institution. This means that it costs less for smaller institutions.

Is it web hosted or do I have to host it from my server?

Institutions can choose whether to host SITS:Vision in house or have Tribal host it externally.

What is e:vision?

E:vision is the SITS:Vision web portal, which can be used by both students and staff at the institution.

Is SITS:Vision mobile friendly?

Yes, e:vision is indeed mobile compatible with tablets and mobile devices.

How many institutions are currently using SITS:Vision?

Over 140 institutions in 5 continents choose SITS:Vision as their Student Records System. In fact over 60% of the UK HE market, use SITS:Vision. Over the years, SITS:Vision has evolved to become the best solution on the market ahead of the competition in terms of meeting statutory reporting requirements and is used by 12 of the 24 UK Russell Group of Universities including the University of Oxford.

What platform does SITS:Vision require?

SITS:Vision is fully compatible with Microsoft and Oracle.

Does SITS:Vision integrate with other IT systems ie, Finance and HR?

Yes, SITS:Vision offers a multitude of tools that integrate seamlessly with your institutions' other programs. For example, we offer over 30 Finance integration tools.

Can anyone at the university engage with SITS:Vision?

Yes, we offer unlimited user licenses. We can set access rights depending on roles and responsibilities for staff and students.

Do I have to be a certain size institution to implement SITS:Vision?

SITS:Vision is a scalable solution. We provide solutions for private, public and alternative institutions around the world. SITS:Vision is used by institutions from just 500 FTE to over 200,000  FTE.

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