Our top seven reasons why you should be using SITS:Vision

Cost effective: It's a scalable solution whether you have 500 or 500,000 students - SITS:Vision is the right fit.

We are Higher Education: We are domain experts because our staff come from the institutions we serve.

Supports the entire student lifecycle from enquiries, applications, enrolment, progression, grades, graduation and alumni.

140 can't be wrong: Clients across the globe use SITS:Vision including the UK, North America, Australasia, South Africa, Norway, Malta, and Jamaica.

Data in your pocket: Use the system how, where, and when you want via a mobile device.

Join the community: A strong an active user base who help shape the future of the system.

Its a partnership: We don't believe in just selling you a piece of software - we work with you to get you where you want to be.

Oxford chose to work with Tribal because its SITS product is the market leader, and there is a very strong user base and an active user group. SITS offers the flexibility to enable us to meet our complex needs and also gives us substantial opportunities for future development in supporting teaching and learning, and improving student services. We have found Tribal to be a high quality and responsive company to work with, with very good customer engagement from consultancy staff right up to board level.

What does SITS stand for?

We get asked this a lot… SITS stands for ‘Strategic Information Technology Services ’. Why? Because it manages information technology services (in a strategic way!)

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