We give our customers the power to do more, the tools to assess progress and the ability to extend the classroom community.

We’re helping education providers to expand their learning audiences – reaching more people and making it easier for them to train and learn.

We’re helping to change the ways in which we communicate, teach and learn. Our MIS and communication tools are enabling staff and students to collaborate with one another more than ever before.

The technology we provide means our customers can meet the needs of all kinds of learners as well as monitor and facilitate staff development; meaning more people are getting access to high quality education, with great services to boot.

Everyday we’re improving what we do so that we can positively enhance the global landscape of education. We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and are constantly looking at what we offer to ensure our products and services really do deliver value and improvement.

We offer world-class software and solutions including:

Management information systems

Review and improvement services

Customer services software

Learning resources

Facilities and asset management

Bespoke software solutions

Making a difference

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