Made to measure software solutions, database applications, business intelligence solutions, portals and bespoke integrations

It’s simple. Bespoke software solutions start and end with you in mind.

They are designed to fit your business needs and have the power to enhance or radically improve your current processes.

It’s no good us trying to give you a basket of apples, if all you need is a single banana. Simple.

Sometimes our customers don’t realise they could be saving money, time and resource...until we show them how.

What makes us different?

Painless problem solving. If you’re looking for a bespoke software solution, it’s because you have a business problem that is currently costing you unnecessary time, money and resource. We understand that the last thing you want to do is carry out a project that gives you more headaches (and cost!) than the original problem. So our experts take the headaches away, keeping you informed with progress and generally making complex projects seem very simple indeed. With the headaches removed, you can spend more time on doing what matters to you, in the safe hands of our dedicated project and delivery teams.


We’re passionate.

Learning how your business works and creating intuitive software that works, looks good, can be used easily and makes your organisation run smoothly – that’s our passion!

There’s art to it.

It’s important that the solutions you use are a good ‘fit’ for you. One size does not fit all. We understand that everyone’s needs are different and we work hard to craft a perfect organisational fit.

Bespoke solutions are cost efficient.

Bespoke software solutions or ‘going bespoke’ doesn’t mean expensive. Because our solutions are tailored to meet your needs, every penny you spend is spent on functionality that you need and want. Bespoke solutions are a fraction of the cost of your current organisational pain points and the unnecessary cost of unused technology functionality.

We’ve worked in your sector.

Being niche means that the people working with on your project (from sales, to development, to implementation, etc) have the exacting experience needed to deliver the solution to your organisational problem.

We can help, whether you know exactly what you need or not.

Sometimes you know exactly what you need, whether it is a mobile app, a content management system or a data collection solution – and you're are prepared to tell us exactly what to design and build. Which is great. But sometimes you might be looking to us to advise, guide and simply provide you with a solution to your organisational problem. Either way, we can help.

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