Got a question about Bespoke software solutions? Here are some of our FAQs …

Do you have any case studies?

Yes, you can take a look at a selection of our case studies here. Should you wish to speak to any of our clients about a project we’ve carried out, we’ll gladly put you in touch.

Where are your teams?

Our bespoke teams are mainly based in our Sheffield and Leeds offices, which are ISO27001 certified.

What frameworks are you on?

We work with many public sector organisations via sector-wide framework agreements, including all current iterations of G-Cloud, the Information Management and Learning Services (IMLS) Framework and the Local Authority Software Applications Framework.

The G-Cloud framework enables publicly funded bodies to procure goods and services at a pre-agreed rate and promote the wide adoption of cloud computing. The initiative focuses on cloud computing's capability for economic growth, capitalizing on cloud's cost savings and flexibility to create a more efficient, accessible means of delivering public services.

We are part of the Information Management and Learning Services (IMLS) framework. The IMLS framework was created to give schools and local authorities support in choosing the School MIS and learning platform that is right for them and ensure they get the best possible deal. The framework is provided by the Department for Education to enable schools and local authorities to procure their school MIS and learning platforms.

The Local Authority Software Applications framework (LASA) has been developed in conjunction with local authorities, the Local Government Association and Pro5 to establish a route to market for the acquisition of software and related services to enable local authorities within the UK to deliver services to their citizens, such as revenue and benefits collection and payments and delivery of statutory functions such as social care, planning, environmental and building control, and provision of social housing.

Can you provide hosting?


What are your SLA/ Support arrangements?

Tribal provides a range of support services, managed within the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework.

Standard support services include;

Service Desk – The Service Desk provides a central point of contact for all enquiries. The Service Desk will log and manage all issues on Tribal’s Call Management system,
RemedyForce, ensuring all issues are resolved swiftly within SLAs.

Incident / Problem Management – Tribal’s Incident management process, directed by the Service Manager, ensures that all issues are fully reviewed and documented to prevent re-occurrence.
Change Management – All Requests for Change are raised via the Service Desk.

Capacity Management – Capacity planning is performed continuously to ensure correct levels of resource allocation. Regular monitoring of all systems ensures that capacity is continually and proactively reviewed and, where necessary, changes are raised to correct or further improve the level of service provision

Service Level Management – a Service Manager (dedicated or shared) is responsible for ensuring that the levels of IT service delivery are achieved at all times. Regular reviews of the Service Levels within the SLA are undertaken to ensure the SLA is providing the relevant measurement

What are your training arrangements?

We firmly believes that key users and project team members must fully understand the solution in order to deliver a successful project and therefore we deliver overview training early in the implementation to give these users the information they need to make decisions within the implementation which will ultimately affect its success. We will not only provide classroom style training but PowerPoint presentations on key areas of our solution which can be repeated to wider audiences as required. Tribal will ensure that appointed personnel are fully trained, supported and provided with guidance in relation to the operation of the system.

What is the process of agreeing the work and getting a proposal?

The process varies but typically involves a requirements gathering phase followed by Tribal producing an outline requirements proposal back to you. The requirements proposal often requires a number of iterations where we work with you to refine it as well as working with you on developing a compelling Return on Investment (ROI) justification and an outline timeline. Dependent upon your procurement rules you may then place an order, run a mini-competition under a framework or go out to tender.

Isn’t bespoke expensive?

Our solutions are cost effective and competitive. We are committed to helping you get the most out of every pound spent. Because our bespoke software solutions are designed specifically to your needs, you only pay for functionality that you actually need and want.

What development process will you follow (Waterfall, Agile)?

Our approach to development and testing is embedded in our quality processes rather than being wedded to a specific development process such as Agile or Waterfall. Our approach to software development and testing is built around clear communication, milestone based planning, a team ethos of shared responsibility and an agile approach to software development. We believe that our approach to the development and testing is the right one because it combines the structure and security of a PRINCE2 project methodology with elements of more agile and flexible development approaches such as SCRUM. This approach gives us the flexibility we need to develop all aspects of the system quickly but at the same time it also gives us quality – a best of both words approach that will have the needs of end users at its heart.

What is the size of your team, and what skill sets do they possess?

We employ over 350 dedicated development and testing staff, supported by project management and delivery specialists. Our development teams have a wide range of skills, built primarily around the Microsoft toolset, although we also have Open Source and Oracle experience. We have a mix of grades (and costs) from junior through to fully accredited Microsoft Technologist. We also have ICT Infrastructure Specialists, Systems Analysts, Test Engineers, Implementers and PRINCE2 accredited Project Mangers

Want to speak to us?

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