"Tribal’s K2 system is bringing a wealth of opportunity for data mining and reporting." - English Heritage

Compliant and convenient. K2 manages risk and makes sure your facilities stay legal and compliant to industry regulations. 

Detailed dashboard reporting. K2 presents your business intelligence in a meaningful and useful way. Out of the box reports help you reduce energy use (and costs!), reduce your environmental impact, optimise existing investments, help grow assets and run resources at peak performance. With customisable reporting, K2 can help you see exactly where your attention needs to be.

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Bringing together data. Got data in varying business systems? K2 integrates with your existing management tools to maximise your data and give you the 'full picture' of your portfolio; helping you to make more informed decisions and work more efficiently across different teams.

Tighter cost control. K2 helps you identify where investment is needed and where costs can be saved. Our customers see annual cost reductions from their operating budgets as they understand and can accurately forecast the true cost of their facilities and assets. K2 also stores information on users, trade people and contractors in one central place to maximise relationships and get the most out of every pound spent.


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