Our top 10 reasons why should you be using the K2 facilities and asset management system

Quickly part of the 'family'. K2 is functionally rich, secure, low maintenance and is easy to configure. It works in harmony with your other systems and enhances your processes.

Up and running, fast. One-click deployment significantly reduces IT support and training costs, meaning you can be getting the most from your investment more quickly.

Fully compatible. K2 is fully compatible with the latest Microsoft operating and database systems

Your portfolio, your way. K2 gives you flexibility over the way you structure and represent your portfolios

Data made easy. Select which asset and property functions you want to look at and add data, review history and change requirements as your asset management practices evolve

Analyse, predict, and inform. K2 allows you to perform complex data analysis, including trend analysis to help inform your decision making process.

Support leadership and governance. K2 gives you a highly effective communication channel which means you can involve other departments and agencies in business or decision processes.

Planning for the future. K2 integrates your asset planning with your corporate vision, meaning you have a more reliable vision of your future asset and facilities management needs.

Information at your fingertips. Access K2 through mobile devices or tablets to see key information on the move

The full picture, in one place. Quickly see an organisation wide view of all your assets so you can get the full picture of your property portfolio.

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