Lessons in Observation: Primary Vol. 6

KS2 £150+vat

Year 4: Literacy | Turning cocoa into chocolate - writing instructions

Year 5: Numeracy | Multi-step addition and subtraction

Year 6: Literacy | Poetry

Year 6: Numeracy | Fractions and percentages

The national curriculum, introduced in 2014, has had a significant impact on teaching, learning and assessment, and this DVD features a primary school that has embraced the changes. Teachers within the school began to adapt their styles and teaching approaches to meet the demands of the curriculum, whilst recognising that there was more to be done. Schools are unique – each has different contexts, levels of expertise and resources. What works well in one school may not work as successfully in another. However, we hope that by watching one school’s approach to curriculum change, you will be inspired to rise to the challenge and have confidence to seize the opportunity to improve teaching and learning in your school.

Filmed in 2015, this DVD features natural footage of teaching and learning, together with teacher interviews, examples of lesson plans and pupil work.  Each DVD pack is supplied with detailed guidance notes which enable the footage to be used for training purposes.

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