How well do you know your school? Are you confident in your school’s strengths and how to bring about improvement? Can you provide robust evidence of progress and its impact on your learners?

Tribal offers bespoke, high quality reviews and evaluation tailored to your exact needs. We can help you to take ownership of review, action planning and monitoring, and continuous improvement.

A Tribal review will give you:

Accurate knowledge of your school’s performance and improvement

Robust evidence to support your self-evaluation

Challenging dialogue to improve the quality of learning

Expert advice on actions to further improve your school

Reliable evaluations based on the Ofsted inspection framework

Confidence in your readiness for inspection

Increased clarity of issues and how they are affecting your school and your learners

Development of your leaders towards self-sustaining improvement.

Reviews can be undertaken in all areas, including:

Leadership and management

Effective governance

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment

Personal development behaviour and welfare

Pupil outcomes

Early years provision

16-19 provision


Effective use of Pupil Premium

Primary literacy and numeracy

Special needs provision

Subject review

Provision for more able


Supported self-evaluation

Working collaboratively with school staff, we examine evidence and agree your school’s strengths and areas for improvement. During this process, your staff develop their professional learning and build capacity for sustainable school improvement.

Supported peer review

Working with staff from the school being reviewed and senior leaders from other schools, acting as peer reviewers, Tribal’s specialists builds on the skills and experience of all members of the team to enable them to make accurate judgements of the school’s performance.

External validation of your own self-evaluation or peer review

Our trained specialists provide an independent review and triangulation of your own evidence to confirm judgements on your strengths and areas for improvement.

Pre-academy conversion review

If you’re considering becoming an academy, we can support you by reviewing your specific strengths and weaknesses, identifying associated issues and risks and recognising key changes, to provide the basis for you to make an informed decision.

Tribal’s reviews have been thorough and informed, using experts suited to our specialist services. They have contributed hugely to our quality assurance process and played a significant role in our preparations for Ofsted.
Acorn Care and Education

Our global experience

Class Measures

In the US we provide charter school authorizers, departments of education, schools and school management organisations with independent, external evaluations of school effectiveness.


Middle East

We inspect schools across Dubai and the Northern Emirates, on behalf of the Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates. Our team of inspectors assure education performance within the region’s public schools, supporting them in their quest for improved educational quality.


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