GoLearn is an interactive online solution that supports the improvement of English and maths.

Personalised learning; anytime, anywhere

Easy to use, easier to set up

Cost effective 

Fully online to help meet FELTAG targets

GoLearn isn't a one-size fit system. It uses detailed initial assessments to understand the  level a learner is currently at and then provides an individual learner plan and induction based on their needs. 

The learner is given scenario based activities and problem solving techniques that are relevant to their lives. They are then given an opportunity to apply and practice  what they've learnt before a detailed online assessment. Throughout their learning journey, we provide the tools needed for tutor/learner interaction so that they can communicate as much or as little as they need to. 

Used by 16+ learners in colleges, with their employers or in work-based learning environments. GoLearn gives learners an opportunity to develop their English and maths skills to help them progress in life and work.

WATCH: Go Learn demo

GoLearn is both flexible and cost-effective, as learners complete an initial assessment and diagnostic before being allocated resources by the system based on their results. Tutors really like the resources and the functionality built within the system and learners are complimentary about the system’s ease of use and the confidence it gives them in preparation for the end test.

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GoLearn+:  combines all the features of our standard GoLearn solution but with online support from our team of specialist English and maths tutors.

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