Got a question about GoLearn? Here are some of our FAQs

How does GoLearn work?

Learners complete an initial assessment in English, maths and/or ICT. The system automatically assesses the learner’s ability, presenting a spiky profile, and generates an individual learning plan. The learner is then automatically allocated with resources that are appropriate to his or her level of ability, allowing them to begin their studies immediately.

How is GoLearn supported?

GoLearn is hosted on Tribal’s Advance platform, and is fully supported by our dedicated Customer Service and Client Support Teams.

What skills does GoLearn support?

 GoLearn has been developed to meet Functional Skills requirements. Learners work through scenario-based activities which are relevant to everyday life, supporting life skills, and GoLearn will help learners to develop their skills in a problem-solving way. The innovative ‘Assessment Player, technology enables learners to make use of ‘Apply Your Skills’ and ‘Practice Tasks’, which will prepare them for their assessment.

How do learners engage with their tutors?

Learners complete the ‘Apply Your Skills’ activities and ‘Practice Tasks’, the results of which are submitted direct to their tutor. Tutors then review the learner’s performance and through GoLearn’s Assessment Player, are able to feed back to learners individually. Through the system, tutors and learners can communicate as much or as little as possible, and learners can repeat activities and tasks until they have reached the standard required by the tutor.

What level of tracking and reporting does GoLearn offer?

GoLearn keeps administration simple. It offers a suite of rich and robust reports which support audit and quality assurance needs. A managed dashboard helps give tutors and administrators an ‘at-a-glance’ overview of learner activity, allowing for effective planning and time management.

How much does GoLearn cost?

Because GoLearn is fully online, we are able to offer competitive prices based on the number of learner licences required and whether the system is required. To discuss your requirements and obtain a quote, please contact us

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