e-track is more than an ePortfolio.

Assess Pro

Assess Pro is e-track's mobile app allowing assessors and trainers/managers to carry out the entire assessment process offline. The app then performs automatic synchronisations with e-track, directly uploading evidence and mappings to the learner's or employee's portfolio.

Manage objectives and visits regardless of location or internet connection.

Minimise the number of devices, apps and technologies required to efficiently keep track of, and evidence, progress

Create events, edit target dates, gather and evidence, record notes and  plan future visits - all from one device.


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Geo-track is a visual, geographic planning and managing tool in e-track designed to analyse the case load and geography of your assessors/responsible staff member and get the most out of their travelling time.

See your assessors and their case load by geographic area on a map.

Show the lead assessor how far the learner works away from the assessor.

Move learners from one assessor to another.

Track and predict mileage claims, predict and report on cost per visit.

Plot the most efficient route and see the route planner travel instructions.

Report on routes - see where assessors have been and who they visited.

Analyse the income generated per mile travelled.

Health and safety benefits with average driving times.

Digital Signatures

The Digital Signatures module allows you to completely digitise your processes, cutting the need for paperwork and reducing the time it takes to verify paper forms and claim funding. It also reduces risk associated with audit trails as well as removing the need for any digital pens and their associated costs.

Once signed, documents go back into e-track (as well as the 3rd party trusted leader in digital signatures) where you can view all the signature requests and their status, run your own internal audit checks if required, access all the signed forms and view against individual learners.

Digitise your processes

Automate tracking

Reduce risk

Speed up audit processes

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The Communities module in e-track provides you with a single place to store, manage and track all your learning resources, enabling assessors, managers and verifiers to gain 100% visibility of each learner’s journey whilst delivering multiple efficiencies for the business.

Increase learner engagement by creating a learning environment based on the learner’s needs – ease of access to all relevant resources, a community of similar learners and ease of communication with staff

Track your learners’ usage of all your training resources and make informed and timely decisions about how to best influence progression

A single place to manage all your training resources

Appeal to a wide-range of learning styles by varying your content: workbooks, PDFs, videos, audio files, quizzes.

Save on admin time and increase engagement by automating the delivery of sequences of resources so learners only see content relevant to their stage in the programme.

Save time and money in the management and administration of your learning resources

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