Tribal began developing e-track in 2004 to meet the growing demand for electronic portfolios within work based learning providers.

Tribal worked hand in hand with a number of national training providers to establish a rich online application but also address the need for offline working due to the business of on the job assessment not always having ready access to the internet.

e-track offline was realised from 2005 onwards and is a windows client based application which allows Assessor’s to download caseloads and assess in the workplaces of their learners; this was ground breaking in the e-portfolio market of the time and allowed many of our customers to adopt ways of working not previously possible. As technology has moved on so has e-track’s offline options with mobile apps playing a big part in the current offering and e-track’s development roadmap.


“Having used e-track with my Apprentices, I have found it easy to use and hopefully my Apprentices have also. After this year it will be nice to get rid of the hard copies and make life much easier.”

Engineering Assessor – Central College Nottingham

The functionality of e-track’s online web based application has also advanced with the adoption of HTML5 and Twitter’s Bootstrap user interface e-track online is a familiar, modern user experience for all users.

e-track now has two distinct approaches; a rich, user friendly, online interface and associated offline apps across multiple platforms. These continue to be developed hand in hand with our customer base to ensure we’re delivering the best possible functionality to the e-portfolio market using leading technology platforms to make it the best user experience for all.

"What Tribal offer is far more flexible and advanced than that of other providers. The tailored modular approach meant that we can grow the system over time to suit our needs and it is able to keep up with the diverse training types that we offer. The system has allowed us to increase our accuracy, availability of data, quality, staff utilisation and learner experience and I would highly recommend this system to others."

Leanne Edwards, Head of St Mary's Training Centre, Southampton Football Club




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