e-track allows assessors, learners, verifiers and employers to monitor and participate in tracking learner progress online.

Productive assessors

Gain a greater view of progress with real-time learner journey dashboards

Mobile device evidence capture and ability to provide flexible offline access means assessors are far more productive, able to carry out on-the-job achievement tracking, and upload electronic evidence such as audio/video clips which are made instantly available to the learner.

Monitor and track learner engagement with online resources

Improve engagement and increase retention by providing a more personalised learner experience.

Improve productivity with e-track’s Assessor Case-Load Management tools.

Plan verification activity by month, qualification and type of activity; compare the planned activity to the actual activity.

Secure online access for employers to view employees' progress

Digitise your processes with embedded digital signatures.

Integrate fully with Maytas and ebs learner management systems for even greater benefits.

For the learner

View live progress information.

Communicate with the assessor outside of visit windows either online or via SMS and submit evidence for consideration.

Feel more involved via online communities and that encourage self-directed learning.

Convenient single-sign-on access to their e-learning portal and online resources.



"e-track is very simple and very easy to use from a student’s perceptive”

Petra Hosey, Training & e-Learning Development Manager - Central College Nottingham




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