Got a question about e-track? Here are our FAQs …

Can I transfer licences between users?

You can quickly and easily transfer licenses to another user at any time using the e-track administration tools. For example, when a learner leaves/completes, you can re-use the same license.

What Support is offered?

The annual licence covers all telephone support and upgrades. The upgrades will cover any National changes and our own on-going enhancements and developments.

What training is made available?

The training given can be targeted to each customer's own needs. However we have developed a structured agenda of training to cover essential areas. The maximum number of users per course is 6 people.

Can e-track integrate with 3rd party systems?

e-track does not integrate with 3rd party applications. It is however fully integrated with our Maytas and ebs learner management platforms.

Want to speak to us?

UK Call: +44 (0) 845 3133 151
Asia Pacific Call: +61 (3) 5221 5535

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