Maytas is a flexible learning management solution for work-based learning providers and employers

Your learning, managed.

Maytas learning management (MIS) solution

streamlines the day-to-day administration of training

supports and tracks any type of training, from apprenticeships and traineeships through to competency/compliance based programmes and internal operational standards

manages funding returns, objective tracking, evidence capture and submission

handles course management and reporting 

has the option of a fully integrated ePortfolio solution

Maytas tracks everything regarding learners, personnel, employers and resources in a single database - giving you a single accurate view of learners and their progress.

Employers and providers using our solution:


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"Tribal has empowered us to support our education"

“The quality and the consistency of the data we receive from Tribal is second to none.  We’re spending less time trying to capture data, this consequentially will have helped our apprentices as we now have more time to devote to their support and guidance.”

Steve Palmer, Head of Education at Training, Leonardo Helicopters


"What Tribal offer is far more flexible and advanced than that of other providers. The tailored modular approach meant that we can grow the system over time to suit our needs and it is able to keep up with the diverse training types that we offer. The system has allowed us to increase our accuracy, availability of data, quality, staff utilisation and learner experience and I would highly recommend this system to others."

Leanne Edwards, Head of St Mary's Training Centre, Southampton Football Club

“It’s undoubtable that we save a lot of administration time using Maytas. Not only is the process of setting up a learner much quicker, but claiming funding for that learner is also much faster as we’re able to save a lot of time by using the automation templates provided in Maytas.”

Mia Wylie, Head of MIS, ELATT

"We chose Maytas as it was scalable to our growing needs. It provides a flexible approach to learner management and will grow with us in the coming months, and years. We are looking forward to removing the reliance on untrustworthy spreadsheets, in favour of one single solution that gives us one full-set of data."

Allan Clare, Managing Director at AWC Training Ltd



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