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Launched in 1984

In 1984, Maytas was developed to answer the specific need of the time for tracking youth training of one particular training provider; this provider is still a customer today, although is a good few versions on from that first release! As youth training grew in the years that followed, so did Maytas both in terms of functionality and its customer base. Ever changing with technology, Maytas has moved through the ages from a BBC Micro based application, to MS DOS, to fat Windows client with an Interbase database and now a .NET client utilising web technology and SQL server to deliver a rich, accessible application.

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Configurability at its core

We develop Maytas with the configurability of the system at the core of our thinking. This configurability means Maytas has been able to diversify to offer tracking systems for all kinds of organisations, programs and training schemes, including employers, employability schemes, offender learning and skills and bible colleges.

Use only what's needed

A modular based approach now allows customers to choose only the functionality relevant to their business when purchasing Maytas and the system gives the ability to track a trainee\learner\student\client\employee from start to finish, including data collection, detailed objective tracking, relationship management, contract definition, funding exports, financial claim management and much more.

Always evolving

Maytas will continue to develop, with the needs of its customers and their markets at the core of what we do, whilst always keeping up to date with changes in technology. With this basic philosophy, we know that it will continue for another 30 years to come.

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