Got a question about Maytas? Here are our FAQs …

Can I spread the payments over 12 months? ?

Yes we are able to offer a number of terms to suit your requirements

What is your licensing policy?

This depends on which modules you invest in.  However, a standard Maytas licence is based on a named user

Can I add things to my package at a later date?

Yes you are able to add modules and licences to your package at any time.  However, if you reduce your licence number or remove a module then your annual support is recalculated based on today’s price list

Is this in the cloud?

Yes, we can offer a cloud solution giving you full access to the Maytas application without the need for complex internal infrastructure.  You would be able to access Maytas anywhere you had an internet connection.

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UK Call: +44 (0) 845 3133 151
Asia Pacific Call: +61 (3) 5221 5535

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