Our top ten reasons for using Maytas:

It’s proven to save money. You can save significant administration time and money by streamlining and automating administration processes through Maytas.

Making understanding your finances easy. Manage your live financial and funding data quickly and simply, so you’re only spending and delivering what you need.

Quick and simple system links. Maytas interfaces with government and, awarding bodies, web-based systems, HR and financial solutions to speed up processes, eradicate down-time when merging or sharing information with separate processes, maintain data integrity, remain compliant and increase funding efficiency.

Fewer mistakes, saves time. Get more accurate data with no re-keying! And dramatically reduce human error by validating data at source.

Relevant information at your fingertips. Share at-a-glance live information across multiple sites with data visualisation and dashboard tools.

Happy learners! Improve customer focus and better learner communication with more accurate and detailed data.

Save hours and days. SFA funded profiling queries and uploads takes seconds. This saves hours or even days compared with manual methods.

360 view of your learners. Track the entire learner journey from initial enquiry right through to achievement.

Getting full use of your resources. Reduce resource wastage by monitoring the use of training rooms, staff and resources; never double book or leave resources unused!

No need to run multiple systems. Integrated ePortfolio means all learner/employee data is tracked in a single system with single sign-on for users.

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