Staff in HessleWhat makes us ‘Tribal’ are our people, our culture and our values.

Our staff are some of the most creative and friendly individuals you’re likely to meet. We have a hardworking culture and are full of dynamism.

We work hard for our customers and our deep rooted values mean our customers trust us to deliver professionalism and quality; with every product, service or project we sell.

We are genuinely passionate about improving education and learning. By working as one with education institutions around the globe, we want our work to make a positive and vital difference to the lives of many.

What's in a name?

Tribal’s founder, Henry Pitman (of Pitman shorthand), had the idea of creating a support services company that would bring together businesses that help improve public services.
The name ‘Tribal’ reflects the bringing together of these different businesses into one ‘tribe’, as well as his love of Africa, where he lived for a number of years.

We offer a unique combination:

student management systems
improvement services and software
bespoke software solutions

In the following sectors:

Higher education institutions

children’s services authorities, schools and K-12 sectors

vocational learning providers

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